Short Film

Somewhere in the English countryside… one man drives as if his life depends on it, while one woman steps down the aisle on the biggest day of her life. Both speeding towards a future destined to collide.

Role: Writer, Director, Co-editor, Exec Producer

About: As a result of my long-standing passion for drama/action/comedy, in 2021 I released my debut short film Wedlock, about a wedding that goes wrong and results in a car chase. I wrote, directed, co-edited and exec produced the film and worked with an incredible crew of 40+ people.

Wedlock won 'Best Drama Short' at the International Motor Film Awards, ‘Best World Actor’ at Austin Revolution Film Festival and received nominations for ‘Best Sound’, ‘Best Editing’ and ‘Best Short Film’, a 5 star review from Short Film Matters and screened at film festivals across Europe, Canada and the US.

The story was inspired by my anxiety of being best man at a friend’s wedding and then exaggerated like the Dr Pepper commercials - ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ Mix that with inspiration from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Fast and Furious, and Hot Fuzz, and built around a Christopher Nolan style non-linear story structure – and I arrived with Wedlock.

It was a major achievement pulling off both a car chase and a wedding, and I’m hugely grateful to the talented people who brought my vision to life. Thank you to all the cast, crew, extras, and equipment suppliers who made it possible.

My hope is that Wedlock will open doors for me to work alongside other like-minded people in the film industry to create exciting action sequences, lift people’s spirits, and bring a bit of joy into the world.

You can read the screenplay here and see the behind the scenes film, and images, on the BTS page.

Film Festivals

International Motor Film Awards 2021
WINNER: 'Best Drama Short'
Nomination: 'Best Drama Short' & 'Best Sound'
Screened: 15th September 2021
(London, UK)

​Budapest Short Film Festival (BuSho) 2021
'Official Selection'
Screened: 2nd - 3rd September 2021
(Budapest, Hungary)

​SENE Film Festival 2021
'Official Selection'
Screened: 13th - 16th October 2021
(Providence, USA)

​​​This is England - Festival du court métrage britannique de Rouen 2021
'Official Selection'
Screened: 13th - 21st November 2021
(Rouen, France)​

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022
WINNER: 'Best World Actor'
Nomination: 'Best World Short' & 'Best Actress'
Screened: 15th - 19th February 2022
(Austin, USA)​

​Ennesimo Film Festival 2022
'Motor Valley Selection'
Screened: 1st - 8th May 2022
(Modena, Italy)

​​Tallgrass Film Festival 2021
'Official Selection'
Screened: 20th - 24th October 2021
(Wichita, USA)

​Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021
Festival: 9th - 15th August 2021
(Providence, USA)

Exit 6 Film Festival 2021
'Official Selection'
Nomination: 'Best Editing'
Screened: 18th - 25th September 2021
(Basingstoke, UK)​

​Flickfair Film Festival 2022
'Official Selection'
Screened: 1st - 31st May 2022

​Fastnet Film Festival 2021
'Official Selection'
Screened: 26th - 30th May 2021
(Schull, Ireland)

​Purbeck Film Festival 2021
Nomination: 'Best Short Film'
Screened: October 29th 2021
(Swanage, UK)


Jamie (Best Man) - Josh Harvey
 Robyn (Bide) - Stephanie Hazel
Darius (Groom) - Gianbruno Spena
Anne (Vicar) - Sylvia Clegg

Written & Directed by – Stephen Ashwell
Produced by - Elettra Pizzi
Director of Photography - Calvin Day
Stunt Coordinator - Jim Dowdall
Co-Producer - Naomi Soneye-Thomas
Line Producer - Mischa Andreski
Executive Producers - Stephen Ashwell, Georgia Ashwell
First Assistant Director - Andrew Potter
Second Assistant Director - Ben Keswick
Second Unit Director - Georgia Ashwell
Production Manager - Dougal Mackenzie-Smith
Production Coordinator - Shane Abbott
Production Assistant - Clive Tydeman
Floor Runner - Laurent Durham
Driver Runner - Vitalijs Jasinskis
Runner - Umberto Shaw
Second Unit Director of Photography - Andrew Kuchanny
First Assistant A Camera - Irina Cernea
Second Assistant A Camera - Teresa Adamson
Camera Trainees A Camera - Ross Dixon, Rebecca Richards
First Assistant B Camera - Julian Lalinde
Second Assistant B Camera - Loui Sharman
Camera Trainee B Camera - Joe Medlock
First Assistant C Camera - Matthieu Treacy
Second Assistant C Camera - Julie Steyaert
Drone Operator - Robin Kay
BTS Camera - Agne Denapaite
Stills Photographer - Max Letek
DITs - Max Elphinstone, Dillon Hollis
Stunt Drivers - Clayton Grover, Nellie Burroughes, Kevan Dunbar
Key Grip - Dave Holliday
Grips - Michael Farrell, Llewellyn Harrison
Assistant Grips - Suellen Abreu Meidell, Liam Hartney, Joshua Harrison
Tracking Vehicle Driver - David Hammatt
Ultra-Arm Operator - James Davis
Ultra-Arm Head Operator - Phil Arntz
Low Loader Driver - Jamie Robinson
Tracking Vehicle Technicians - Maximus Hammatt, Gareth Jones
Gaffers - Paul Choy, Norbert Strehle
Best Boy - Ruben Cardol
Sparks - Lorenzo Guerrieri, Abi Hurcomb
Sound Recordists - Tim Worth, Liam Cameron, Tobia Malagutti
Sound Assistants - Tom Fisher, Jonathan Ashwell
Production Designer - Kathryn Madge Healey
Art Assistant - Beatrix Grant
Costume Assistant - Georgia Ashwell
Flower Arrangers - Fiona Morrison, Rosie Davies, Kim Ropek
Hair & Makeup - Kathryn Healey
Stunt Safety Advisors - Tim Deegan, Andy Harriss
Firefighter - Rob Line
Paramedic - David Devlin
Vehicle Mechanics - Luke Dawson, Nigel Wilkins
Millbrook Proving Ground team - Kevan Dunbar, Phil Smith, Avril Masters
St Margaret’s Lee Church team - Amie Dotchin, Rev. Tim Goode, Karlene Phillips, Bill Bishop, Wyn Kirkman
Minibus Driver – Tony Webb
Edited by - Ricky Milling
Action Sequence Editor - Stephen Ashwell
Sound Design & Mix by - Tony Wall
Music Editor - Stephen Ashwell
VFX Artists – Ricky Milling, Stephen Ashwell, Calvin DayVFX Supervisor - Calvin Day
Colourist - Connor Coolbear
Colour Producer - Oliver Whitworth

Supporting Artists:
Photographer - Neil Legg
Bridesmaids - Laura Adams, Holly Jones, Becki Weston
Church Congregation - Helen Davis, Chris Davis, Jonathan Ashwell, Carol Legg, James Day, Leny Day, Sam Denison, Tegan Allison, Ben Harris, Joe Purnell, Simon Percy, Miriam Holland, Rhys Maric, Bella Tyroll, Tom Wood, Jim Sykes, Miriam Sykes, Fari Shakourizadeh, Oliver Murray, Bonnie Murray, Lizzie Griffiths, Kelly Buchanan, Jessica Booth, Amy Elizabeth Fyfe-Taylor, Andrew Beckingham, Eleanor Hedges, Louise Beckingham, Matthew Williams, Ruth Samuels, Rita Tam, Huey Komon, Jolly Jones, Princess Rita Akpojotor, Yvonne Bruce, Sara Ojo, Lindsey Malin, Stuart Malin, Wyn Kirkman, Madeleine Dobson, B-Star Burrell, Daren Pearson-Hicks, Ivana Kravec, Lee River, Merry Merrymead, Nina Romain, Paul Simmons, Ricardo Esteban Pineda, Theresa Jacobs, Vitalii Malyshko, Anna McKay, Sara Nobrega, Fiona Anthony-Pillai, Rebecca Sargent, Sarah Hughes, Peter Wilkinson, Paul Miller, DjSupreme Kezie Ejibe, Beverly Peters, Amanda Heron, Pamela Bwomono, Taneka Miles

Camera & Grip Equipment by - Focus24, Motion24, Leanne Gullifer, Ben Mitchell, James Davis, Joanna Wolak
Tracking Vehicles by - Action 99 Cars, David Hammatt
Lighting by - Shoot Blue, Adam Parker, Location Lighting London, Mark Brennan
Dolly by – movietech, Jeremy Sassen
Minibus Hire by - Doyle’s Minibuses, Andrew Doyle
Road Closure Permissions by - Filmfixer / Lewisham Film Office, Charlie Scott
Customised Clapper Boards by - Cinestore LTD, Liam Elder
Catering by - Anderson Catering, Eddie & Rebecca Anderson, Berkeley Delivered, Celee Campbell
Vicar’s Clothing provided by - Rev. Jenny Dawkins
Insurance by - Performance Media Insurance, Macaulay Monahan, Daniel Bodel, Gareth Graham
Accountants - Wyatt & Co Accountancy, Tim Wyatt
Props by - Stockyard Prop Hire
Radio Hire - Wavevend Radio Communications
Van Hire - Kendal Cars
Accommodation by - Travelodge
Casting Services by - Mandy Actors & Star Now
Courier Services - Unicorn Logistics
Mini Spare Parts - Minispares
Title Font by - CUFON FONTS, Roger Excoffon
Stunt Safety by - MSS TV & Film Stunt Safety
Vehicle Mechanics by - Dan’s Action Vehicles
Music by – Extreme Music
Colour Grade by - Electric Theatre Collective