New Look | Spec TVC - Kodak Commercial Awards Winner

Commercial / Branded Content

Role: Director & Co-Editor

Winner of the NAHEMI Kodak Commercial Awards 2013 for 'Best in Brief'.

About: A spec commercial made in my final year at The Northern Film School - aimed to show the difference between the fashion industry, which according to the brief 'takes itself too seriously' and ‘New Look’ fashion, which is portrayed as fresh, relaxed, and fun. We wanted our audience to feel like they can step away from the stressful world of catwalk fashion and enter the fun easygoing world of 'New Look'.

Technical Specifications: This commercial was shot on 200T 16mm film using an Arriflex 16SR2 and then scanned to a digital format. It was cut using a combination of Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro 7.

Producer: Joanne Lew & Florian Dasler
DOP: Nancy Jones
Production Designer: Sophie Craggs
Editor/Lighting: Aidan Brooks