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Feature Film

Role: Camera Trainee

So that I could learn from experienced and established Directors in drama/feature film - through 2023 I worked on a number of feature films as a Camera Trainee.

Due to my previous experience as a Camera Assistant on Emmerdale, working as a Camera Trainee was something I felt very comfortable doing which allowed me to spend lots of time on set observing how the director worked with the cast and crew. It was a great way for me to learn about directing whilst fulfilling an important role in the camera department.

As well as being Camera Trainee I operated the A Camera on many occasions (both as Camera Operator and Gimbal Operator).

Film Bio:

Following a string of disappearances, a detective decides to investigate a supposed suspect in the area who's found to be duping call girls in the area back to his place and offering them up as sacrifices to a group of demonic beings summoned through a sacred ritual and tries to stop it before it continues.

Director: Ben J. Williams
Director of Photography: Vince Kinght
Producer: Scott Chmabers
Editor: Craig Schwartz
Production/Distribution: Jagged Edge Productions / ITN