I'm a London based Edit Trainee looking for opportunities to learn from teams within scripted film/TV - aspiring to become a 2nd Assistant Editor.

I have recent Edit Trainee experience on the Netflix action feature Lost Bullet 2, and six years experience as an Offline Editor within scripted short film, branded content and documentary.

As a result of my long-standing passion for drama/action/comedy, in 2021 I released my debut short film Wedlockabout a wedding that goes wrong and results in a car chase. I wrote, directed, co-edited and exec produced the film and worked with an incredible crew of 40+ people.
Wedlock won 'Best Drama Short' at the International Motor Film Awards, ‘Best World Actor’ at Austin Revolution Film Festival and received nominations for ‘Best Sound’, ‘Best Editing’ and ‘Best Short Film’, a 5 star review from Short Film Matters and screened at film festivals across Europe, Canada and the US.

As a result of making Wedlock, I’ve started making connections with filmmakers in drama/action.
I shadowed, Editor - Sophie Fourdrinoy, 1st Assistant Editor - Celine Neveu and Director - Guillaume Pierret on the post-production of the Netflix action crime thriller Lost Bullet 2 - closely observing the technical workflow of the 1st AE and the creative process of the Editor/Director. I was given the opportunity to create some assembly edits and was invited to present my ideas - some of which, made it into the final cut. I also attended a preview screening of the first full assembly and gave feedback to the team. 

After shadowing on Lost Bullet 2 I was recently invited back for further experience on the sequel, Lost Bullet 3 (in post-production). I was invited to interview for the role of Action Sequence Editor.  I had 5 days to cut a 2-minute car chase from 6 hours of rushes, shot on 16 cameras - photo above. I was gutted when I found out that the job was given to a more experienced editor, and because of this I am even more driven to build my understanding and experience in the editing department - which is why I'm pursuing roles as an Edit Trainee.

Alongside my passion for post-production - I'm developing the script for my next short film - a light-hearted action sci-fi thriller.

I firmly believe that entertainment makes the world a better place and my goal is, to be part of a team that creates exciting films which bring a bit of joy into the world.

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  • Multiple project experience in proxy creation, syncing, multicam, exports for online OMF/AAF/EDL, review and delivery exports (various codecs), all round bin/sequence/project management.
    Highly organised - both personal and digital file management.
  • Technical competency in Mac/Windows systems, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, After Effects. Sound design, music editing and basic VFX compositing experience.
  • Experienced shooting with tracking vehicles, low loaders, car rigs, drones and underwater camera equipment.
  • Confident working under pressure to tight deadlines, while maintaining meticulous attention to detail.
  • Experienced setting realistic timelines to achieve deliverables in the agreed timeframe.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - internal teams and client facing.
  • Open minded and flexible.
  • Training from The Northern Film School and The National School of Film and Television

Awards & Nominations

  • Wedlock - Best Drama Short - Winner - International Motor Film Awards 2021
  • Wedlock - Best World Actor - Austin Revolution Film Festival - 2022
  • Wedlock - Best Sound - Nomination - International Motor Film Awards 2021 
  • Wedlock - Best Editing - Nomination- Exit 6 Film Festival 2021 
  • Wedlock - Best Fiction Film - Nomination - Purbeck Film Festival 2021
  • Wedlock - Best World Short - Nomination - Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022
  • Wedlock - Best World Actress - Nomination - Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022
  • New Look Spec TVC - Best In Brief - Kodak Commercial Awards