I'm a filmmaker with experience in directing, writing, cinematography, and editing with a passion for drama, action and comedy.

In 2021 I released my debut short film Wedlock, an action, comedy, drama about a wedding that goes wrong and results in a car chase – which I wrote, directed, co-edited and exec produced. Wedlock won 'Best Drama Short' at the 'International Motor Film Awards 2021' and screened at film festivals across Europe, Canada and the US.

I have a decade of experience in the industry - starting out as a camera assistant on Emmerdale and then onto directing and editing branded content and commercials. I’m now looking to grow my storytelling skills with experience in drama.

I’ve recently shadowed French director Guillaume Pierret on the post-production of the Netflix feature Lost Bullet 2 (Balle Perdue 2) and I'm hoping to work as the director’s assistant on Lost Bullet 3 - shooting later this year.

I'm currently looking for assistant roles on drama productions so I can learn the craft from established filmmakers.

Alongside paid work, I’m developing a number of short film scripts.

  • Experienced shooting with tracking vehicles, low loaders, car rigs, drones and underwater camera equipment
  • Competent editor in AVID and Premiere Pro
  • Full Manual UK Driver’s Licence
  • Experienced filming in physically challenging environments such as desserts / mountains
  • Training from The Northern Film School and The National School of Film and Television

Wedlock | Awards & Nominations

  • Best Drama Short - Winner - International Motor Film Awards 2021
  • Best World Actor - Winner - Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022 
  • Best Sound - Nomination - International Motor Film Awards 2021 
  • Best Editing - Nomination- Exit 6 Film Festival 2021 
  • Best Fiction Film - Nomination - Purbeck Film Festival 2021
  • Best World Short - Nomination - Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022
  • Best World Actress - Nomination - Austin Revolution Film Festival 2022